How to bridge SOURCE to the Binance Smart Chain (BNC)

In order to bridge your SOURCE to and from the Celo and BSC blockchains, you can use the anyswap bridge web interface. In this example we will be bridging from Celo to BSC.

  1. Go to and do the following. Change the field pointed at by the red arrow #1, to Celo. Once changed you’ll be able to change the field pointed at by the green arrow #2 to SOURCE. Finally input the amount you would like to bridge over to BSC. Please note the bridge ters at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click the Swap button at the bottom and confirm the transaction prompted in your wallet.

3. Once confirmed your tokens should arrive on BSC in the same wallet you were connected to on Celo. Bridging takes 10 to 15 minutes to process. After that time, you can switch your wallet network to BSC and see your SOURCE on Binance. The inverse of bridging tokens from BSC to CELO is also true.



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