Introducing SOURCE — The Fuel of the ReSource Economy

While many projects pride themselves in their efforts to “Decentralize Finance”, the ReSource network does not only disarm intermediaries and custodians — as many of them claim to do — but decentralizes the logic of credit itself, effectively removing the creditor from the equation. To better understand how we’re doing this, and how we’re able to offer credit lines at 0% interest, visit us here, or watch this short clip:

However, our efforts to democratize access to credit, and money in general, would be futile without the ReSource project being governed by a community of its stakeholders. To allow as many of our supporters as possible to join us and steer this ship together, we have decided to launch SOURCE publicly.

Launch Venues and Details

As of November 17th, SOURCE will be available at the following venues:

DAOMaker,, Infinity Pad, Anypad

For more information and to participate in the TGE, please review the research page dedicated to the ReSource project on the DAO maker launchpad or visit one of the venues above.

SOURCE utility and usage

SOURCE fulfills four essential functions within the Resource protocol:

1. Staked SOURCE carry a portion of the network’s risk, in return for staking rewards.‌

Unstaked SOURCE do not carry specific risks associated with particular credit lines, except the usual risks associated with the holding of assets of any kind.

2. Staked SOURCE grant their owner voting rights on network decisions. Unstaked SOURCE do not grant voting rights.

3. Unstaked SOURCE may be used by members to pay network fees.

4. Staking rewards will be paid in SOURCE.

The more credit lines are issued, the more SOURCE will be locked within staking contracts and the more SOURCE will be acquired to pay transaction fees. As a result, ReSource absorbs and locks an increasing amount of SOURCE as the network grows.

Staking and Incentives

SOURCE staking will be available as of Q1/2022.

LP incentives: 50,000 SOURCE +26,160 UBE / Month for 12 months + 7,700 CELO / per month

Uniswap v3 SOURCE/USDC
LP incentives: TBA

Allocation, Distribution and Release

At TGE, 100,000,000 SOURCE will be minted and allocated as follows:

SOURCE release follows a strict vesting schedule which obliges founders & team, early backers and advisers. SOURCE will be released as follows:

For more information about ReSource and on how to participate in the ReSource project,

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