ReSource is thrilled to join Celo’s DeFi for the People initiative

What is DeFi for the people and why did ReSource join it?

As a project that aims to primarily serve this “real”economy, ReSource feels more than at home under the roof of DeFi for the People. Our users are small business owners, freelancers, shops, and start ups, many of whom have never owned any crypto wallet and for whom rUSD and SOURCE are the first crypto assets under their control. Making it easy for them to opt-in is our most cherished UX\UI imperative, which will soon be reflected in the ReSource mobile marketplace app.

Supported rewards

Why did we build on Celo?

ReSource is not only a credit network, but also an international payment network, serving retail users world-wide which cannot and should not be exposed to fluctuating gas prices. Moreover, the ReSource protocol, its underwriting network and negative-balance enabled native stablecoin, are relatively code-intensive and as such dependent on the cost-efficiency the Celo EVM provides.

But again, this is not only a question of financial costs: the carbon-footprint created by ReSource, would it have been developed on a competing PoW chain, would have been unacceptable — as any avoidable footprint is. Celo has also invested considerable efforts in making its network accessible to mobile-based users in emerging markets, which suits us from a bizdev perspective as well as from the value perspective driving the ReSource project.

And more important than anything (maybe?) — The fact that each transaction on the ReSource network effectively removes carbon from the atmosphere fills us with joy.

So thanks to Celo for including us in DeFi for the people, and let’s Light Up a Billion Faces.

Your friends at ReSource.



A blockchain-based mutual credit network for businesses.

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