ReSource is thrilled to join Celo’s DeFi for the People initiative

What is DeFi for the people and why did ReSource join it?

One of Celo’s main missions is to make DeFi accessible to the 6 billion mobile phone users around the world and to develop mobile-first DeFi tools for everyone — which are both cost effective, easy to use, and tuned to the needs of the “real” economy. You know, the economy that bakes our bread and builds our houses.

Supported rewards

As part of the DeFi for the People initiative, Celo will support the SOURCE\mcUSD trading pair on UbeSwapp with additional LP incentives. In conjunction with similar support by Ubeswap, the combined LP incentives for the trading pair will amount to
50,000 SOURCE +
26,160 UBE +
7,700 CELO
per month.

Why did we build on Celo?

Celo is the perfect fit for ReSource — certainly in terms of features and cost-efficiency, but more importantly: in terms of values and long-term goals.

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