The Weekly SOURCE of Truth — ReSource community update Dec 07/2021

2 min readDec 7, 2021


Dear Community,

Welcome to The Weekly SOURCE of Truth; our weekly community update, covering the latest developments in the ReSource ecosystem: dev updates, KPI reports, future plans and anything you need to know as a member of the growing ReSource community.

Secondary markets and staking

The SOURCE Staking Farm on BSC is now live! All you have to do is supply liquidity to the BUSD-SOURCE pair on Pancakeswap, and then stake the LP tokens you’ll receive in return on the SOURCE Tokensfarm. The farm is incentivised with 25000 SOURCE / Month, which are distributed in proportion to staking time and amount.

Next up is Uniswap and additional centralized exchanges which will be disclosed shortly, so stay tuned.

Development Updates


November was an excellent month for the ReSource Marketplace, with transaction volume increasing by more than 100%. With the planned onboarding of additional locales, the nearing decentralization of the underwriting and credit approval processes, and the expansion of the ReSource Ambassador program, we anticipate this trend to continue.

Before expanding to our next locale in Austin, TX, USA, and from there globally, we are using this period to gather as much user feedback as possible. Following the input we gathered in Asheville, CA, we’re currently focusing on making it as easy as possible for users to find what they need and want. This includes geolocation-sensitive search results, curated and auto-curated catalogs, and various additional measures to render the user interface as convenient and as relevant to the specific user as possible.

Protocol Development

What we have learned in Asheville is now ripe enough to inform the incentive structure and the game theoretical framework set by the ReSource Protocol. More on our plans to fine-tune credit policies and the macroeconomic behaviour of rUSD in our next update, so stay tuned.


Additionally, we’re currently subcontracting a new QA team and are within the process of hiring a fullstack data analytics specialist.

That’s it for now.

For more updates on how to use your SOURCE to underwrite credit lines, stake and earn rewards stay tuned here, follow us on twitter and join our telegram.

Thank you again for your support,

Your friends at ReSource.




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